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Our Team

We have a lovely group of professionals at difw, who are all passionate about producing the best medical imaging for our patients. It’s always nice to know a little bit about people before you meet them, so we’ve put together photos and bios of some of the team you can expect to see when you come for an appointment at difw.


Dr Paula Sivyer

paulaDr Paula Sivyer (MBBS. FRANZCR.) is the Consultant Radiologist and founder of difw. Dr Sivyer is a renowned specialist in women’s imaging and interventional radiology. In 1998, Dr Sivyer established Diagnostic Imaging for Women, now difw, the first standalone specialised private women’s imaging and intervention practice in Brisbane. Imaging services expanded to include CT, plain x-ray and bone densitometry for male and female patients in the following years.

Dr Sivyer has lectured extensively in the field of women’s imaging and intervention, both nationally and internationally and has been published in the World Journal of Surgery. Dr Sivyer is a Part II Viva examiner for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR), the radiology speciality in Australia.

Dr Sivyer’s passion for imaging excellence is matched by her commitment to learning as her specialty advances. She has been responsible for bringing numerous technologies and imaging/intervention techniques to Australia, including 10-year-comparator digital imaging archive (2004), digital mammography (2007) and Hologic ‘Genius’ 3D mammography, which difw was the first to introduce in Australia in 2010.



Melanie is one of our senior sonographers and has worked at difw for many years, aside from a short break she took to visit the UK where she worked with The Birth Company, a prestigious obstetric specialist practice on London’s Harley Street. Melanie has a passion for medical ultrasound and is one of the most skilled medical imaging technicians in her field. She and Dr Sivyer have worked closely together for many years and are a powerful team in interventional procedures.  You might see Mel for your ultrasound appointment, or assisting in general intervention.



Tom is our senior Medical Imaging Technician and has worked at difw for over 10 years. Tom runs our general imaging department so you’ll probably spot him if you’re coming in for a CT, x-ray or BMD scan. Tom is a dual qualified radiographer and, like many of his colleagues at difw, wasn’t content with just one tertiary qualification. In  his spare time, he’s been studying at UQ and is due to graduate shortly with a Masters in Health Economics. Tom’s depth of knowledge in the science of medical imaging is unparalleled and working with Dr Sivyer, he’s been able to refine our imaging protocols to offer some of the lowest dose, yet diagnostic-quality, CT scans in town.



Alexis is our General Manager and is officially responsible the operation of difw. Her job is to make sure everything runs smoothly across all difw from day-to-day, so you may well see her running around the place during your appointment. She loves working with people so she also occasionally stands in as a spare pair of hands when patients are in need or feeling unwell. Alexis also has to keep an eye on the horizon and is responsible for developing and implementing our business strategy. difw has been proudly offering the best medical imaging in Brisbane for over 15 years and Alexis is keen to keep us around to deliver outstanding imaging services for many years to come.

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